om massage training

om massage training

This training is intended for professional massage therapists who are already certified and who wish to take their practice to the next level. The Om Massage is a style of massage unique to our practice as it was created and perfected by our founder, Matthew Mackay. Om Massage combines some of the best techniques of traditional oil massages such as Swedish, Californian, Integrated Shiatsu and Thai with completely original maneuvers and innovations. We then enhance the experience with energetic components of Reiki, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch and Aromatherapy. This creates a holistic and grounding massage experience that promotes sublime relaxation, healthy alignment and complete openness for your client.

Together we will learn how to harness the perfect union of therapy and relaxation through our Om Massage Training. You will also learn essential key points on how to ensure your massage client receives the most healing benefits and care from your services.

*Due to Covid-19, all massage courses are currently suspended until further notice.


Om Massage Training

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25-hour workshop over 4 days.